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Every student-athlete must learn to navigate the academic, athletic, and social domains of their first year.  Successfully managing these challenges will enhance the overall college experience and increase the likelihood of graduation.  Early development of the skills necessary to achieve in each of these areas is essential to ensuring a smooth transition from high school to college.  Winning at the College Level is a practical guide that provides student-athletes with resources and tools to manage all aspects of their transition, including navigating the classroom, building relationships with teammates, nutrition, and sleep.

3 reviews for Winning at the College Level (eBook)

  1. Dixie Wingler Learning Specialist & Academic Advisor for Athletic Academic Achievement Towson University

    Winning at the College Level is a gold mine of resources for student-athletes. It provides numerous “Ah-ha” moments for not only the students, but the support staff members as well. The book covers relevant topics and issues that today’s student-athletes face. As a learning specialist, I thoroughly enjoyed the templates and tip sheets. Overall, I highly recommend this book to any programs regardless of size and budget, as the investment is definitely worth it!

  2. Jason Cable, Associate Athletic Director Alcorn State University

    Winning at the College Level is a road map for all first-year student-athletes. This book helps student-athletes identify campus resources, effectively manage their time and provides them with the tools and confidence to reach their personnel and professional goals. This book takes a holistic approach in developing student-athletes to be leaders on their teams, within the Athletic Department and on campus. I truly believe this book will enhance the student-athlete experience.

  3. Chris Carr, Ph.D. Sport & Performance Psychologist St. Vincent Sports Performance

    Winning at the College Level: Thriving as a First-Year Student-Athlete is an excellent and well-written manual for any incoming collegiate student-athlete. The practical and applied nature of this book provides student-athletes, coaches, and staff with great “tools” to enhance the adjustment success for any first year student-athlete. Shaun and Nyaka have created a unique and “user-friendly” guide for readers and instructors; this text can be easily incorporated into current transitional classes, workshops, and academic services for the collegiate student-athlete.

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